Vegafest 2018 is here!

Vegafest is the largest vegan festival in Slovenia. This will be its sixth edition and once again it will take place in the centre of Ljubljana. There will be 50 stalls with different societies, companies, shops, restaurants and other exhibitors with vegan-friendly products. We will organize a diverse programme with lectures, workshops, stage performances and many other activities. See you on May 5th in Ljubljana!


About the Slovenian Vegan Society

The Slovenian Vegan Society is an organisation which operates on a voluntary basis and on non-profit principles. The purpose of the society is to educate and support vegans and those who want to become vegan by providing information on animal rights and care, nutrition, environmental protection and nature conservation. All assets acquired will be used for the future projects of the society in connection with the vegan lifestyle, animals rights, healthy living and the environmental protection.


If you will like to participate or have any questions about the festival, please contact us: