Welcome to the TWELFTH anniversary of Vegafest, the largest Slovenian festival of veganism and sustainable way of life.

On Saturday, August 31th 2024, Pogačar's Square in Ljubljana will be a must see for everyone who feels our coexistence with animals and nature is important.

The festival will present companies that offer vegan products and restaurants that will pamper you with vegan flavors. You will also discover different vegan societies, animal welfare organizations and local organic farms.

There will be no shortage of interesting attractions, since there will also be a lot of happening on our stage.

The purpose of the festival is to present the advantages of a vegan way of life and to help establish a positive attitude towards animals, the environment and oneself. We want a better world with a responsible and informed society!


About the Slovenian Vegan Society

The Slovenian Vegan Society is an organization which operates on a voluntary basis and on non-profit principles. The purpose of the society is to educate and support vegans and those who want to become vegan by providing information on animal rights and care, nutrition, environmental protection and nature conservation. All assets acquired will be used for the future projects of the society in connection with the vegan lifestyle, animals rights, healthy living and the environmental protection.

If you will like to participate or have any questions about the festival, please contact us: